Godly Accountable Leadership


CHUrch sign

Back to church planting for a minute… Why plant a church in Savannah, GA?  Isn’t there a church on every corner? Yes and no.  While there may be a building with a steeple on every corner whether or not a church meets there is debatable.  Many congregations are dead or dying.  Longtime members soldier on week after week because that’s what you do in the south.  You go to church.  You endure a sermon.  And then you go  to Hilliard’s.

Why plant another church in Savannah?  Savannah needs churches committed to godly, accountable, servant leadership.  Savannah needs churches that recognize scriptural qualifications for leadership.  Savannah needs churches with leaders who faithfully follow Christ at home and at work so that He may be glorified. Whether a man has run a successful business, earned a lot of money, or belongs to a respected family in town means nothing within the body of Christ.

Does your church have elders?  If so, are they qualified according to I Timothy 3 and Titus 1:5-9?  Do they have a good reputation with those outside the church? What happens when the subject of elders comes up? Do other members of the body bristle at the idea or do they submit to the teaching of the Word of God on this issue? These questions should not be discouraged within the church.  If the church in Savannah is going to be a light in this dark place, then we must return to biblical view of church leadership.

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