The Happiness of Following God

This is a pretty good summary of what I was trying to communicate on Sunday. Are you a person who demonstrates with your daily life that it is a privilege and not a bondage to be a Christian?

“Happiness is the gift of God—but that there is the closest connection between full following of God and full happiness, let no person for an instant doubt. A hopeful growing believer has the witness within himself. He walks in the full light of the sun, and therefore he generally feels bright and warm. He does not quench the Spirit by continual inconsistencies, and so the fire within him seldom burns low. He has great peace, because he really loves God’s law, and all who see him are obliged to allow that it is a privilege—and not a bondage—to be a Christian. Oh the comfort of a tender conscience, a godly jealousy, a close walk with God—a heavenly frame of mind! The Lord make us all of such a spirit.” ~ J.C. Ryle

From: J.C. Ryle Quotes

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