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Freedom to Serve

“Christian liberty properly understood is not the freedom to do what I personally prefer but freedom from the curse of the law, freedom from the power of sin, freedom from the values of a secular culture that are not in tune with the revealed will of God, freedom from the focus on myself, freedom to serve others.”

Eckhard Schnabel, Paul the Missionary, p. 411.

The 3 Most Dangerous Words


“India & China eliminate more girls than the number of girls born in America every year.”

HT: As Our Own

Blog Activity

If you are still reading this blog then you probably know that it was started about 3 years ago to tell about the progress of a church plant in Savannah, GA.  Lord willing, things are about to start happening.  God’s timing is perfect.

I’m going to see this as a bit of a re-launch of this blog.  There’s a lot of water under the bridge since I started.  I’d like to think I’m a different person then I was back then.  Hopefully I am better equipped to pastor a new church.  My intention would be to use this space to write about all the things that have happened as well as all the things that I hope will happen in the future.

I know all of this seems a little vague.  But I wanted to start somewhere.  Keep checking back as there will be more news soon.