Monthly Archives: July 2010

Summer Update

It’s a Thursday afternoon in late summer.  I’m ready for the college bible study tonight and I’m well on my way to being ready for Sunday morning.  Add to this that the combination of Mexican Food (Thank-you Jalapeno’s), a Nestle Crunch Bar and a really hot day leave me no choice but to blog so that I can avoid being caught napping at my desk.

I know it’s been a while and I really should be blogging over at the blog of more importance.  Thus far my summer has involved one camp in West Virginia, one VBS, two summer colds and a marathon golf day consisting of 45 holes.  I grew up here and Savannah and I’m sure it was always hot but I don’t remember being quite so uncomfortable.  In the summers of my youth I walked 18 holes every afternoon in sweltering heat and was thankful for it.

OK.  On to something interesting.  I’m beginning my tenth year of youth ministry.  I should probably put together another one of those “Things I’ve Learned in 10 Years of Youth Ministry” series.  If nothing else it would probably help me keep my blogging certifications active.  A lot of people don’t know this but if you let those blog licenses expire you have to reapply.  Having spent yesterday at Water Park #86 or thereabouts I can say that not all water parks are created equal.  I won’t name the park but I will give the hint that it rhymes with “Bummer Caves.”

First of all, the pavement was devastatingly hot.  My feet, blistered already from a rough and tumble game of Bookman ball in the pool a week ago, probably needed emergency medical care last night. With all of the advances in outdoor recreational technology I don’t get why someone hasn’t figured out a way to keep the decks cool.  Either that or let me where my shoes on the slides.

 Second, not all lazy rivers are created equal.  I’ve loved lazy rivers from the moment I first saw one.  There’s one at Aquatica (sounds really cool when whispered with emphasis on the caaaaaa) at Sea World that moves you at a much faster pace.  Everyone must wear a life vest which, as we all saw last year in West Virginia can be humiliating for a chubby guy.  Yesterday’s lazy river was somewhere around #85 on the DCLR world rankings.  The most fun to be had was placing oneself in front of one of the jets and allowing said self to be propelled a few yards forward.  All of this did remind me of my once-upon-a-time dream of living in a neighborhood connected by a lazy-river in everyone’s back yard. “See you later Mom!  I’m riding the lazy river over to Mikey’s!”

Third, I think dipping dots are over-priced and over rated.  They charge $5 for a large cup that isn’t very large and isn’t very good.  And then there’s no real ice cream to be found in the whole park.

I just reread my three points and it sounds like it wasn’t very nice but overall I’d say the day was enjoyable.  On a much more serious note the whole issue with modesty continues to befuddle me as a youth pastor.  We can (and should) beat that drum about modest one pieces but the truth is we’re (rightly) protecting our young women far more than our young men.  I’ll always remember the beach trip when someone came up to me and said he could tell we were a church youth group because our girls were the only ones on the beach in one pieces. Sigh.