Monthly Archives: April 2010

Needed a New Post ASAP

Had to get that dumb picture off the top of my blog. 

Just got back from T4G last week.  It was GREAT to see old friends (you know who you are).  The messages by MacArthur and Piper were definately the high point.

Far more interesting things going on over at the adoption blog.  Go there now.  Seriously, why are you even still reading this sentence?


This feels a little vain

Here I am 50 pounds lighter. I’m only blogging this picture because it was requested in the comments section of the previous post.  For you facebook friends be sure to notice the effects of the “sun-in”.

Blogless in Savannah

This is one of those Cleland Family update blogs with catchy title.  Believe it or not I’ve actually got some things in mind to blog.  Don’t hold your breath but we’ll see how this month goes.  Here’s some news:

We’re moving forward on raising the money to send our dossier to Ethiopia.  I’m hoping we can get it off in April.  Feel free to follow along here.  I say that as if the three people who still check this blog aren’t also checking that one.

Loving the Southland in the Springtime right now except for the pollen.  Extra points to the first one who knows who sings the song alluded to in that last sentence.

Trying to get out to see The Last Song which was filmed at Tybee. When I went to IMDB to find that link I noticed that there’s an A-Team movie coming out.  Interesting. I also see that John Forsythe died.  And that he was the voice of Charlie on Charlie’s Angels. Who knew IMDB was such a treasure chest of information?

So I’ve lost over 50 pounds.  How did I do it? I cut out soft drinks and sweet tea completely.  I have been skipping things like white rice, french fries and white breads in favor of vegetables and whole grain stuff.  I have cut portions and worked hard at moderation.  I really haven’t worried about fat that much and I still put sugar in my coffee.  This all started in September so I’m 6 months in.  If I can do it you can too.

I’ll be headed to T4G in Louisville in a couple of weeks.  Looking forward to seeing old friends.  If you read this and you’ll be there be on the lookout.