What I’m Listening To

This morning as I was mowing the grass and pondering life’s imponderables I decided that the blog had been a little on the serious side of late with all this talk of diets, adoption and fried butter (Mmmmm…fried butter.)  Plus even my sister says she’s been bored with my blog. So what better way to change that than to make a list?  Here is a list of the five songs spinning on the i-pod these days.  Brace yourself as I provide you with some blatantly narcissistic banality:

1.         The Climb by Miley Cyrus.  I’m ashamed beyond words to admit this but I’ve been hooked since summer camp.  Every time I hear it I want to try harder at something.

2.         Sheep May Safely Graze by Johann Sebastian Bach.  I realize this is a major shift in genres here but as I was riding back to church the other day and improving myself by    listening to NPR they played this song and I was captured.  I think it’s a common wedding song.  By hey, it’s Bach!

3.         Mambo Italiano by Rosemary Clooney.  I like her in spite of her nephew and I like this song because it makes me think of Italian food.  This was also a carryover from summer camp.

4.         Dark Road by Annie Lennox.  I have an inexplicable love for Annie Lennox’s voice.  It melts in my mind.  If you listen to her music and eat dark chocolate at the same time you can actually taste the sweetness.

5.         I Just Love You by Five for Fighting.  I almost always get misty-eyed while listening to this song. I recommend it to anyone with a little girl at home.

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