Fried Butter


If you like fried food Savannah, GA is the place to be.  Fried chicken, fried seafood, fried vegetables and fried hushpuppies are standard fare.  Just this past Thursday I enjoyed some delicious fried pork chops.  And all of it is better dipped in a mayonnaise based sauce.  I’ve been a longtime fan of honey mustard.  Ranch is fine if there’s nothing else.  But these days there are so many creative sauces that one can hardly choose.  For a condiment lover like me the only option is to get one (or more) of each.

All of this is introduction though.  I couldn’t have imagined a line I wouldn’t cross when it comes to fried things.  Deep fried Twinkies, Oreos and Snickers are all fair game.  “When you bring my FRIED chicken fingers and french FRIED potatoes could you just drop that cup of honey mustard in the deep fryer before you bring it to my table for consistency?”

Here is a line even I might not be able to cross:  I give you fried butter.  WARNING: just reading this article may cause serious damage to your circulatory system.

UPDATE:  OK.  Also related to Savannah, apparently Paula Dean is already onto the concept here.

One response to “Fried Butter

  • Trey

    You have to get my permission to use me as an illustration. I know that you are talking about our Carey Hilliard’s meals where we get 6 pc chicken fingers, extra french fries, sweet tea, and 4 containers of Honey Mustard to drench the bread, fries and chicken in.

    Who needs fried butter when you can just eat butter cream icing. 1 lb butter, confectionery sugar, vanilla flavoring, and a little bit of crisco.

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