Harry and the Laser Pt. 2

4:27 AM Erika and I are in bed awake so I turn off the alarm clock set for 4:30.

5:10  We’re headed to Memorial Hospital in two cars because I’m speaking in Chapel at Calvary Day School across the street from the hospital at 9:30.

5:30  We’re checking in at the Day Surgery counter.  I ask the woman helping us what time she got there.  “4:00 AM”.

5:45  We’re in a room with Elmo’s painted everywhere.  Harry is remarkably cheerful.  I’m feeling remarkably uncheerful; no coffee yet.

6:30  Still no coffee.  I decide to change the text for my chapel sermon.  Harry is wearing a hospital gown.  I’m wearing a Big Bird sticker.  Harry gets a dose of Versed.

6:45  The Versed kicks in.  Harry begins a 15 minute game of “peek-a-boo” that he finds even funnier 15 minutes later.  The game ends when he stumbles like a drunken sailor to the middle of the room and collapses…still playing peek-a-boo.

7:00  Harry is wheeled away from us still high as a kite.  Erika and I finally find coffee.  I begin trying to remember outline for new text.

7:30  The procedure is done.  Erika goes to the recovery room.

7:45  I get called back to a room where Harry will be discharged.  The Versed has worn off.  Harry is now just as mad as he was happy last time I saw him.  A nice nurse comes in and starts trying to say sweet baby talk things to him.  If looks could kill she’d be dead.

8:15  Harry gets to go home.  He looks much better than after his last procedures: less bruising and more redness like a rash. He might get to go to Puggles tomorrow night since he doesn’t look so scary. The doctor is very pleased with what he was able to do.

8:20  Day Surgery has valet parking.  Erika and Harry get wheeled out in an XXL wheel chair to our van waiting to go.  They meet up with Lucy at Grandaddy’s office and head home.

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