Harry and the Laser

We’re pretty excited because tomorrow morning (at 5:30 – this I’m not excited about) Harry finally gets another face treatment.  Harry was born with a Port Wine Stain over half of his face.  If the mark was only about discoloration it wouldn’t be that big of a deal.  But if left untreated the red area will actually cause his face to become disfigured as he gets older.  With new treatments done at an early age Harry will experience much less disfigurement and bleeding as he gets older.

Harry was getting these treatments regularly before we moved to Savannah.  He had a fabulous Pediatric Dermatologist up in Chicago. Our new dermatologist told us that it was obvious that some very good work had already been done.  But since we moved we’ve had a hard time finding another dermatologist who treats Port Wine Stains.  Plus, right after we arrived here we started having to deal with Harry’s seizures and his breathing issues.  We’ve been too busy making trips to the pediatrician, neurologist, hematologist, ophthalmologist, Ear-Nose-Throat Doctor and infectious disease specialist to find a dermatologist.

Anyway, we’re back  at it tomorrow.  He’ll be put to sleep for the procedure.  The laser treatment isn’t particularly painful (they did it to my arm the first time he had one) but it is annoying, particularly for a little boy whose worst thing in the world is to be held down.  He’ll have some bruising for a couple of days but he’ll look much worse than he feels for a couple of days.

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