What’s going on with the Clelands now?

1.         Last Wednesday night Lucy became a Cubbie and Harry became a Puggle.  I’ll try to post a picture sometime soon.  I was so proud of him walking around church in his puggles T-shirt, showing people his puggles bag.  And as for the Cubbie, I can’t believe I’m old enough to have one of those children at church on Wednesday Night in one of those blue vests.

2.         I just finished reading Atlas Shrugged and have been studying/teaching James 5:1-11.  This, combined with our nation’s ongoing discussion about healthcare and the current obsession with all things “social justice” within evangelicalism has led me to decide to put a little time into seeing what the bible has to say about these things.  My suspicion that the bible might not always say what I expect it to say on this issue has already been confirmed.

Has anyone read anything helpful/biblical on this?  Also, in case you haven’t noticed Kevin DeYoung (The Why We’re not Emergent guy) has begun a series on his blog related to this issue.

3.         Erika and I have begun the process that we hope will lead to us adopting from Ethiopia.  I’m becoming fascinated with all things Ethiopia, thanks in large part to a book Erika found called, There is No Me Without You.  It’s the story of a widow in Ethiopia who begins to open her home to children who have been orphaned by the AIDS crisis.  Right now I can’t put it down.  It’s not a “Christian” book but contains lots of fascinating history as background to the orphan problem in that country.  It has made us want to go there ASAP.

4.         Back to Harry, for those of you who love him and pray for him, he is doing really well these days.  He gets speech therapy now every Tuesday and his therapist thinks he’s making amazing progress.  We also found a doctor here in Savannah who is going to be able to start his face treatments again.  We’re really thankful and excited about that.

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