Monthly Archives: July 2009

Well Said

From my friend SKH on Twitter (why isn’t he on facebook again?):

“Lord, keep my boasting in gospel promises not in my gospel practice.”

What’s going on Around the Clelands?

I know it’s been a while.  A lot of times I get a burst of blogging enthusiasm that begins to wane.  As I feel this waning I begin to wonder which post will be that one that sits there for 3-4 weeks.  This time it was “30 minutes after swimming.”  Could have been worse I guess.  OK.  So here’s what’s going on:

1. Harry was in the hospital again with severe respiratory difficulties.  He came home a week ago and is doing well.  I’m finding that having a kid in the hospital for days at a time becomes all about management.  I have to manage time, “Who’s doing what and when?”  I have to manage Lucy, “Who’s got her now?  Where’s she going next?” We really have to work at managing the emotions.  Mornings are better because you feel a little fresher. Evenings are the worst, especially when he’s in ICU and we have to leave him there at night.  It’s also important to keep making time to pray and meditate on scripture.  Sometimes I start to go on auto-pilot and it’s easy to start to just coast through.   

Speaking of the ICU, what a great group of people.  We love all the nurses up there.  One thing to be thankful for is that we get to see all of our friends there.  Not that we wouldn’t be happy not to see them and they us.  But they love Harry and take great care of him.  We always can feel confidant that he’s in excellent hands.

2. Two days after Harry came home I left for West Virginia for summer camp.  Erika and the kids were supposed to come but Harry’s condition prevented it.  I missed them a lot but it was a great camp.  Alpine Ministrieson the campus of Appalachian Bible College provided us with lodging and daily adventures.  We went white-water rafting and did all kinds of ropes things (Well, they did.  I’m not much for rope events so I sat and read Atlas Shrugged.  More on this later).  Any camp where 14 year olds are asking if they can go to bed at 9 is a great camp in my opinion.

There’s really nothing better than the feeling I get after leading a good camp.  It’s hard work.  There are late nights and early mornings.  My room looked like a disaster area within 3 minutes of setting our stuff down in there.  It was like the guys walked in, opened their suit cases, dumped them on the floor and said, “There, now I’m unpacked.”  The second night they ordered pizza which caused the room to smell like an Italian pig pen.  But it’s really a lot of fun.  And there’s nothing like spending a week together to really get to know one-another.

3.  Next up: our niece comes to visit and out friend Kim is coming from Hungary.  Then I’m off to children’s camp.  July is a big month.