The Preacher Came Late to Church

I like to think of myself as a punctual person.  I normally leave for my appointments with plenty of extra time to spare.  I thought that I gave myself plenty of time when I left home yesterday afternoon to preach the evening service at Rocky Ford Baptist Church in Rocky Ford, GA.  The first evidence of miscalculation should have been when I realized I needed to get gas.  Then I had to stop and tap on my air-conditioner with a screw driver to get it working again (I don’t know why this works but it does.)  So far so good.  I’m leaving for an hour drive with an hour and a half to go.

It was about 5:45 that I started to get nervous.  I knew I was close but I wasn’t feeling good about my surroundings.  There was nothing but trees and fields for miles and to make matters worse I had no cell-phone reception and my GPS wasn’t finding any baptist church at all much less Rocky Ford Baptist Church.  At 6 PM when the service was to begin panic set in.  At 6:05, having entered the town of Rocky Ford a few minutes before, I realized that I was in a different town.  I turned around, made it back to Rocky Ford and in God’s providence passed the church on my left after turning down the only street I could find that seemed to have structures on it.

At 6:15 I entered through the back of the church putting on my coat and noticing that my tie was about 2 inches too short.  The crowd laughed politely as I made my way up the center aisle. Thankfully, the pastor looked as relieved to see me as I was relieved to be there.  Some much for being proud about my punctuality.

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