The Next Food Network Star

Food Network

You need to know that the best show on TV that you’re not watching is The Next Food Network Star. For the fourth time (that I’ve watched) a new set of contestants have descended upon New York City in hopes of taking a spot among the pantheon of Food Network stars.  I’m not kidding.  I love this show. 

Each week, guided by a Food Network luminary, the contestants must complete a strenuous culinary task that tests their skills both as a cook and as an entertainer.  At the end of the night both the food and the performance are judged and one contestant is cast aside.  In the judging room there’s almost always crying.

I’m thinking about holding my own competition tentatively titled, “Dave Cleland’s Next Personal Chef” in which ten hopefuls will perform various culinary tests in hopes of becoming my personal chef.  Erika, Bobby Flay and I will judge. Serving fish or anything raw will lead to immediate disqualification. One contestant will be cast off each week until only one remains.   That chef will then live with the knowledge that if I had enough money I would have hired him to be my personal chef.

Just FYI, Guy Fieri won the first time we watched.  Now he’s got two shows on Food Network and he’s doing commercials for TGIFriday’s.

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