Grace When You Need It

I’ve been away from the blog.  For those of you who still refuse to join facebook we’ve been in the Pediatric ICU for the last two weeks with our son Harry.  We brought him in on Saturday, February 28th with really labored breathing and since then he’s been heavily sedated and on a respirator.  Today at noon he was able to breathe on his own and as I write this Erika is holding him in the chair next to me.  It’s great to have him awake again (though he is still extemely groggy.)

There is no doubt this has been a trying time for Erika and me.  Lucy left last week to spend some time in Viginia with my sister.  But it hasn’t been all sadness and gloom.  God’s people have been surrounding us with love.  We’ve received countless meals, notes, and emails.  People from all over the world have let us know that they are praying for Harry.

I’d like to mention something we’ve learned through this ordeal.  In normal times it is tempting to dwell on things that you just can’t imagine.  How could I ever get through?  But when the real trials come God does give you the grace to get through.  As I think back over these last two weeks, things have been difficult but they haven’t been bad.  God’s love through His church and His Word has been a marvelous comfort.  I’m sure I’ll never want to relive this experience but I do think we’ll look back on it as a time of really drawing near to our Savior and that is a good thing. 

 What I’d like to remember is that I don’t need to worry about what MIGHT come because my Father in Heaven will give me the grace to endure what DOES come.  And I need to remember to be sure to give Him the glory because it’s His strength and not mine.

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