Stuff Going on Around the Clelands

Things have been a little heavy around here for a couple of days so I though I’d lighten the mood with a few words about the family and other stuff:

1. We got a fish.  Her (?) name is Ruby Cleland.  Lucy named her.  I was thinking about titling this post “Another Cleland” but decided that might imply something other than a fish.

2. Today while I was out walking, Harry climbed up on my desk and spilled a cup of coffee all over my stuff.  I have suspected for a while but now have confirmed that boys and girls are different.  More climbing…less cuddling.

3. Erika and I tried to get into “Lost” and failed.  We got into “24” and watched every season.  I thought it would be the same for “Lost.” After one DVD from season one we’ve set it aside.  I just don’t find the characters to be very interesting.

4. The month after we moved here someone stole my golf clubs out of my truck.  They were 20 years old and I liked them so losing them still stings a little.  But as of last weekend with the help of my family through Christmas and Birthday gifts I was able to buy some new ones.  Ping G-5’s.

5. I need to read a fiction book.  I think it’s been since Harry Potter 7.  Any suggestions?

6. We rented Eagle Eye last weekend. Don’t waste your time.  I was shocked to see Steven Spielberg’s name come up as executive producer.  What’s he thinking these days?  Nevermind…I just remembered Indiana Jones IV as I wrote that question.  He’s probably thinking, “We should do another Jurassic Park.”

7. Target brand Gummi Bears (Archer Farms???) have great flavor and really retain their freshness.

9 responses to “Stuff Going on Around the Clelands

  • TJ Mack

    Robby would be very disappointed with #3. Maybe you should have been reading his Lost Blog along with it. 24 is great though. And I’m currently reading through Chronicles of Narnia again, its really enjoyable. I plan to follow it up with a book Aubrey told me about called “Planet Narnia.” Ted Dekker has some good books out I hear.

    I’m off Facebook if you didn’t know, I’ll be E-mailing you in the next couple weeks to let you know how things are going,


  • savannahblog

    Ooh. Sorry to here about the facebook. I’ll look forward to hearing from you though.

  • Aubrey Hoeppner

    Yeah Dave I don’t know if Erika mentioned that Planet Narnia book to you, but I told her about it awhile ago. It’s not fiction, but it sounded very interesting…and educational. And it was written by a British prof so you can read the whole thing with a British accent–I have started doing that with C. S. Lewis and it really adds something to the reading experience.

  • Amanda

    You know I always recommend Jane Eyre. It is a good one to read over and over again.

  • Trey Burdette

    Lindsay agrees about the whole Gummi Bear thing. It is interesting that its hard to find a good Gummi Bear.

  • cindy

    You didn’t like Eagle Eye? Not my favorite movie but it kept me on my toes. Maybe I’m easily amused. Target brand dried fruit is awesome too! It’s really good in homemade granola bars! Ask Jonathan Mc – he loves it!

  • Dale Emery Lempa

    The Road by Cormac McCarthy.

  • Dawn Stanford

    Ever read any Stephan Lawhead? Try Byzantium and then the King Arthur series which starts with Taliesin.

  • Dawn Stanford

    I’m just catching up on your blog, btw. Some good stuff.

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