Live Blogging the Inauguration

I just stopped and had lunch as I watched the inauguration.  I wanted to catch Rick Warren’s prayer after all of the hoopla but I must have been too late.  I’ve said before that I find the office of the President to be fascinating in all it’s parts and there’s no doubt that today’s events carry an extra measure of historical significance.  I know I am not alone in believing that we really don’t know what to expect from President Barack Obama. Whether or not he is truly Lincolnesque in his leadership I think it too early to tell.  But he is now our President and so he deserves our respect and our prayers.  I certainly hope that he will be treated better by his opponents than George Bush was treated by his.  We as Christians should be excellent examples as we speak respectfully and carefully even when we must be critical.

Update:  What an unbelievably warm parting between the Obamas and the Bushes as George and Laura got on that helicopter.  That is a great demonstration of the peaceful transfer of power that we enjoy in our country.  I made the mistake of watching MSNBC for a few minutes as the parting took place.  Olberman and Matthews were still taking shots at the Bushes even in those final moments.  So far it seems like Obama is far classier than those guys.

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