Links I’ve Enjoyed Lately

I have some exciting news to report about ministry in Savannah but I’m waiting until Monday morning.  More than once I’ve questioned our decision to move down here and serve as at times it felt as though nothing was ever going to happen to move us forward.  Thus far I’m thankful that by God’s grace we’ve stayed the course.  For today you’ll have to be content with a few links:

1.  My good friend in the Northwest Sean Higgins has a post on Image-Bearing Resolutions that I found succinct and insightful.  A quote for you:

I find that more pagan young people seem to have vision for achieving their goals, even though their motivation may be nothing but pride. Christians — in the OT, God-fearers — should be the most eager, motivated, and well-educated workers. We recognize that changing the world isn’t a burden; it’s a privilege. We should train and be the best teachers, the best scientists, the best artists, the best widget-makers because we have the proper perspective on what it means to be human.

2.  If you watched the BCS title-game on Thursday night you probably noticed that Tim Tebow had John 3:16 written under his eyes.  This posthas some interesting observations about the fact that John 3:16 was the most popular search on google Friday morning. 

3.  This morning we enjoyed the first of three Saturday men’s prayer breakfasts in a row at our church.  Another pastor in town is speaking on temptation.  I think this post on habitual sin has some really helpful insights.  She lists 5 things that keep us stuck.

Enjoy your weekend.  I’m going to be trying to deal with the pile of Christmas decorations in the garage.

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