Thanksgiving Musings

Frying the turkey is all the rage these days.  I was told that the History Channel had a show about the dangers of turkey frying. If you put a frozen turkey into a vet of scalding oil you get a turkey bomb.  If you forget to turn off the burner after you take the turkey out of the oil you get the equivalent of a flame thrower. Under certain controlled conditions I can see that this would be very cool.


My parents have been frying turkeys on Thanksgiving for about ten years.  This is my first Thanksgiving to get to taste one because I’ve been away for about ten years.  It was very good.  Turkey is down the list of my favorite meats.  But picking the meat off of a turkey just out of the oil is really quite delicious.  So delicious that our family has gone to what is called the “pre-bird.”  This is a separate turkey cooked only for the purpose of picking so that the “main-bird” is in a pristine condition for carving.  The problem is that after consuming the “pre-bird” one is really too full to consume the main meal.  Other highlights from the main meal included sweet potato casserole and cheesy hash brown casserole.  For dessert there was a rum cake and coffee.


Full and tired after a day of food and family Erika and I settled in front of a DVD after the kids went to bed.  We watched “You’ve Got Mail.”  I know it’s a chick flick but we just wanted something light.  The whole AOL thing seems really dated. It’s funny to watch them use dial-up and anxiously await the words, “You’ve got mail.” My connection was never that good.  The line about the bouquet of sharpened pencils in the fall is classic and Parker Posey really steals her scenes as one of the most self-absorbed characters in all of filmdom.


As for yesterday, while many were out being trampled to death at Wal-mart I was at home reading McClain’s The Greatness of the Kingdom thus finding more and more reason to be enthusiastic about my premillenialism and my dispensationalism.  In the Kingdom we will be frying turkeys free from danger.


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