24 Redemption

Erika and I came late to the “24” experience.  We started watching Season 1 sometime last spring and we were hooked.  Last night we watched the two hour 24 special.  I’ll make a couple of observations about the show.  First, it was great to see Jack Bauer somewhere other than CTU Los Angeles.  He’s really a great character and it seems like the writers have done a good thing by moving him out of LA.  How many times can a government agency be infiltrated? 

Second, I know I’m not bringing anything new to the table here but it’s good to see that someone is still producing something where there are clear good guys and bad guys.  The people who bring us 24 aren’t looking to provide us with a sympathetic portrait of these guys who are turning children into cold-blooded killers.  I’m tired of watching movies with the theme, “Who is really the bad guy in the story?” If there is a guy blowing up buses or holding hostages in an elementary school he’s bad even if he got his feelings hurt in the 4th grade.

Point number three will be my next post.  It seems bigger than what I’ve said here.

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