24 and the Orphan Crisis

24 Redemption along with other movies like Hotel Rwanda and Blood Diamond have been helpful to open my eyes to the atrocities being committed upon children around the world.  Young boys are being trained as murderers in Africa and little girls are being sold into prostitution as young as age 5.  We live very distant from these “disgustingly wicked” acts in “far off” places while in our own land unborn babies are murdered in the privacy of a doctor’s office.

I’m becoming restless to be a part of the solution.  Erika and I would very much love to adopt a child from Africa and Asia.  Last night in my dreams I found myself trying to adopt a boy much like the ones I saw in the show.  Funds are short right now and we’re still trying to understand how best to care for Harry’s medical needs.  We hope to contribute in other ways.  I hope that should God allow us to plant a new church here in Savannah that we will start out with adoption and the orphan care crisis on our minds.  We need to find a way among Christians to help those who have the energy to adopt have the money to adopt.  Adoption is very expensive, especially overseas adoption, and many in the church who are young and willing to adopt just don’t have the funds.  On the other hand many Christians who have enough money aren’t really in the time of life to be adopting.  It seems to me that there ought to be some better ways of bridging this gap. 

 We’ve come across some terrific resources since we went to Together for AdoptionWorld Orphansis an organization committed to helping orphans by establishing church based homes. The failure of institutional orphanages and the fact that there aren’t enough families seeking foster care and adoption  have led them to this creative solution.  Because they are church based they provide better accountability as well as better care and ministry.

One response to “24 and the Orphan Crisis

  • Jenna Howard

    Hey guys,
    Thanks for mentioning us in this blog. I want to encourage you as you are struggling with provision as well as guidance in matters dealing with children and the adoption situation. God is faithful and from what I have read I know you both desire to live a life according to Christ. My words may not mean much but take heart; God is using you to witness, call out, and encourage other people who are going through many of the same issues but are faltering on there faith. Whereas you both are a living example of staying firm that the Lord will provide!! Bless you and know that I have sent a prayer upward to Our Lord and Savior knowing He hears our prayers!

    Jenna M. Howard
    -Director of Public Relations

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