Toy HOF Induction

Sometimes I miss my old, not so serious blog because I was able to post things like this without feeling like I should apologize.  The stick has been inducted into the toy hall of fame.  This is worth noting for several reasons. (1) Why did it take so long? (2) What exactly is the process for toy HOF induction?  (3) Who knew there was a toy Hall of Fame?

After a moment or two of research I have determined that the toy hall of fame is located in the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY. To date 40 toys have been inducted including the Teddy Bear, Marbles and the Rocking Horse.  My own personal toy hall of fame would include Star Wars Action Figures.

3 responses to “Toy HOF Induction

  • Aubrey Hoeppner

    Sometimes I miss the old blog too. I especially miss the fast food references, like the Arby’s Jaoca shake and my personal favorite, the eleventh chicken nugget.

  • bean

    I miss it too! Why can’t we have a silly section here? The comment there about the nugget reminds me of a picture I need to post too.

  • savannahblog

    I will take these comments into consideration as the Savannah Project blog continues to evolve. Also, it is a Jamocha Shake.

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