The Vote

I’ve been reluctant to post a blog about this election. I’m fairly unexcited about either candidate and I’m disenchanted with our whole political process.  There are liars and crooks on both sides.  Both candidates are throwing around the word change but I don’t really know what that means.  Frankly I don’t really want our politicians changing America.  But that’s another post and I’m probably not going to write it.


I am blogging today because I need to express that I am not voting for Obama primarily because of the abortion issue.  I do not believe that Obama is pro-life.  I believe that he is one of the most pro-choice individuals ever elected to a national office.  Obama has promised that, given the opportunity, he will sign the Freedom of Choice Act.  As I understand it, this act will eliminate every existing restriction on abortion.  I believe that a vote for Obama is a vote for the Freedom of Choice Act.


In the blog world right now one can find many examples of Christians who are voting for Obama because they have been led to believe that Obama is, at heart, a pro-life candidate.  I simply don’t see how anyone can justify that belief. 


I hate that abortion is legal in our country.  I think that we as a nation will be held accountable for condoning this atrocity.  If Obama is elected (which at this point seems almost inevitable), I pray that God will intervene and stop him from signing the Freedom of Choice Act.


This being said, if Obama is elected I refuse to hate him the way George W. Bush has been hated by those who didn’t vote for him.  I commit to pray for him often.  I know that no matter who is elected God will not be surprised.

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