Fall 2009 – Why Not?

When we moved here a few months ago fall 2009 was what stuck out in my mind as a reasonable date to launch a new church here in Savannah.  As I’ve mentioned in recent posts, for various reasons my enthusiasm began to wane.  As my enthusiasm waned the prospects for a new ministry here in Savannah began to seem very faint and distant.  What once seemed realistic had begun to seem foolish.

This morning as I walked and prayed about the idea of a new church in Savannah the thought of a fall 2009 launch began to seem reasonable again.  There is much that would need to happen.  A new church needs people.  A new church needs resources.  But I’m starting to get excited about it.  If the Lord blesses we could very well be worshipping Him together as a fresh expression of His body here in Savannah by this time next year.

Those of you who are following the Savannah Project:  I’d very much appreciate it if you would join us in praying that God might grant that we could launch a new church in the fall of 2009.  We need people we don’t have yet and we need money we don’t have yet either.  But certainly the One to Whom the nations are like a drop from a bucket can provide the resources we need.

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