Links I’ve Liked Lately

My in-laws have been visiting and I haven’t had a lot of computer time.  Here are a few things I’ve come across that I’ve enjoyed:

This is a piece by Dr. Russell Moore about the importance of being a part of the church in college as opposed to just a campus ministry.  I even like the title: “Jesus didn’t die for campus ministry: the spiritual danger of unchurched spirituality.”

This is a site with pictures of a ship graveyard in Mauritania.  We were at the beach this week with the in-laws and I started to wonder wheat they do with old ships so I came home and googled it.

This is another great post by Matt Waymeyer about dispensationalism.  I’ve read more about dispensationalism lately than ever and I’m very excited by the topic thanks largely to thispost by Matt Waymeyer a few weeks ago. 

I’ll have more to say soon about my trip to Knoxville.  Ooooh.

2 responses to “Links I’ve Liked Lately

  • Kim

    Dave! Thanks for the link. I am still not sure I know what dispensationalism is but the article by R. Bruce Compton is exactly what I emailed you about. Good stuff!

  • Charles Churchill

    Off topic question. Yesterday on Jesus Creed, I posted a comment under the “Fundamentalism and Evolution” thread that was deleted, and I try to keep a copy of comments that I leave in places. Do you subscribe to the email updates for the thread and if so, could you email me my comment to gymbrall_AT_gmail_DOT_com. The name on the comment would be Charles Churchill.

    Thanks much,

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