Some Thoughts on “Crisis”

“Some boast in chariots and some in horses, but we will boast in the name of the Lord our God.”  Ps. 20:7

In our present political season everyone is throwing around the word crisis.  Some claim that there is a crisis.  Some deny the crisis.  Some say we are on the verge of crisis.  I’m not much of an economist but I’ve been listening to the reports about the government bailouts over the last few days and in my non-expert opinion, while I am not ready to proclaim a crisis I am willing to concede that this sounds bad.

I was glad to find this post from Justin Taylor this morning which is a helpful Q & A about the banking crisis.  I like this sentence: “For believers this is just one more reason to ‘not love the world or the things in the world’ which is ‘passing away along with its desires.'” (I John 2:15,16)  I have seen a little glimpse of just how much my own heart places confidence in our economic system.  As I ride down the road watching the price of gas go up a lot and then down a little I have had thoughts ranging from anger to discouragement to outright despair about the situation.  I didn’t factor rising gas prices into my budget when I was planning our move to Savannah.  What I’ve come to see, by the grace of God, is that in my heart I am sinning by worrying about gas prices or anything else related to the economy.

My heart is constantly seeking things to trust in other than God.  I constantly trust in myself, my abilities and my reasoning. I have definitely trusted in this country and its military and economic might.  As a pastor, I have trusted in the evangelical church system of the day.  Rather than trusting in the Lord through His church to meet my needs I tended to think in terms of a paycheck that I earned.  As I move forward as a church planter and hopefully as a pastor this is something I would like to guard against in the future. 

I also have never spent time thinking about gas as something that God provides.  I thank the Lord for my food before every meal but I certainly don’t thank the Lord for gas every time I fill my tank.  I’ve thought of gas as something I obtain for myself rather than God’s provision.  What will happen if gas prices continue to rise?  I can be sure that God will provide for my needs.  Maybe I will realise that I NEED to drive less than I thought. And should God in His providence allow that gas prices would go down, I’ll need to remember this lesson.  God forbid I go back to assuming I got the gas for myself.

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