Carey Hilliard’s

A decade ago when I packed up my Honda Accord and loved to Los Angeles there was one thing I wanted to take with me that I didn’t get: a menu from Carey Hilliard’s Restaurant in Savannah.  I thought it would suitable for framing.  Hilliard’s was a constant in my high school and college days.  The location on Water’s Ave. had large round booths where you could fit 8-10 people, something we did regularly after church.

I’d say my favorite item at Hilliard’s is the sweet tea.  Sitting in those round booths, playing cards and drinking sweet tea produced some fond memories.  And the food is nothing to sneeze at.  If you like seafood they’ve got lots of it and it’s fresh.  I’m a fried shrimp eater myself but they tell me the other seafood items are good too.  The BBQ rocks.  But surprisingly my favorite item was the club sandwich with extra crispy fries and a vat of honey mustard for dipping.  Yes…my mouth is watering and I just had breakfast.

I’ve lived around the country.  I’ve enjoyed the eclectic fare of Southern California and the Pizza and Italian Beef in Chicago.  But I still love coming back to Hilliard’s.

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