Reflections on the Savannah Project so far

We couldn’t be more thankful for the way things have gone during our first few weeks here in Savannah. 

First of all, we are a part of a church that we love.   For several reasons I have prayed more about where we would go to church here in Savannah as we try to get started than I did about moving here in the first place.  But we believe that Ferguson Avenue Baptist is where God wants us to be as we work towards a new church in Savannah.  We weekly hear solid biblical preaching and we already feel cared for by the believers there.  If you’re here in Savannah and looking for a church home let me be the first to recommend Ferguson.

Second, it has been a really great experience to put ourselves in a position where we really have to trust God that our needs are going to be met.  Never before have I been aware of just how much every dollar, every meal and every opportunity comes from the Lord.  Many thanks to those who are praying for us and to those who have helped us along so far.

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