Tybee Island

I’m posting this now as a favor to my friends in Arlington Heights.  I have committed to not post anything in the winter titled, “Today it was 80 degrees and I wore shorts at the beach.”  So I thought I would get the beach posts out of the way while the whole country still enjoys warm weather.

I’m not making any secret of the fact that I’m glad to be back near the ocean.  Between Georgia and California I’ve spent about 25 years of my life within an hour of a beach. (For those of you who know my age and who might be confused about the math, I did live near Atlanta for a while and it is not within an hour of the beach.)  Over the Labor Day weekend we went with my Mom and Dad down to Tybee Island and enjoyed all that the beach has to offer.  With Tropical Storm Hannah churning in the Atlantic we even got to enjoy some fairly big waves. 

Tybee is not a well known east coast beach.  It lacks the commercialization of Hilton Head.  There’s great food to be enjoyed but most people need a little help finding the restaurants.  It really is a beautiful place though. I can sit for hours just looking out at the ocean. On one end of the island you can sit and watch dolphins playing in the water while container ships make their final approach into the mouth of the Savannah River.  Or, if you prefer, just a short walk down the beach and you can look out at the expanse of the Atlantic with no land in sight.

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