God and the Upcoming Election

This morning I had the privilege of speaking to the men at Ferguson Baptist Church at their men’s prayer breakfast.  This was the first opportunity I’ve had to speak since we moved here to Savannah a month ago.  After watching the Democratic National Convention this week and waiting to hear the announcement of McCain’s running mate I decided it would be timely to think about the Sovereignty of God as it relates to the upcoming election.

Sometimes it is easy to believe that if our man doesn’t get elected the country will begin spinning out of control.  In the back of our minds we may be thinking come November, “How did God allow this to happen?”  And yet, should the our candidate lose this presidential election we can confidently affirm that God is in control.  Here are six things things we should remember if our candidate doesn’t get elected:

1.   God will still be on His throne.

2.   God can use ungodly leaders to accomplish His purposes. (i.e. Pharaoh)

3.   The scripture tells us to pray for our next president whoever he is. (I Tim. 2:1-2)

4.   We can pray specifically that he will repent and follow Jesus.

5.   We should honor the next president whoever he is. (I Peter 2:17)

6.   We should remember that God is the ultimate source of our confidence.

It helps if we keep in mind that while we want to be good citizens of our country here in this world, we are ultimately citizens of a different place: “for our citizenship is in Heaven from which also we eagerly await for a savior, our Lord Jesus.” (Phil. 3:20)

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