A New Link

In the links section on the side of the page I’ve added Bookman’s Blog.  This blog belongs to my father-in-law.  It includes plenty of interesting material…like for instance the newest post about polygamy in the Bible.  Whether you’re thinking about becoming a polygamist or just interested in knowing more about a practise that is hard to ignore in the Old Testament I think this post will be helpful.

The links I’ve included this time around are ones I really consider to be good resources.  Between Two Worlds is a constant for me as a clearing house for all things Christian.  Hiestand and Higgins are two of the smartest guys I know whose last names begin with H.  Pyromaniacs keeps me duly mortified at the current state of evangelicalism.  And The Corner is mostly politics and always interesting.

2 responses to “A New Link

  • bean

    But, uh, wait…this blog is looking 100% serious…this is not the Dave I know. Maybe later you can add a kooky section at the bottom and then the wives of the smartest H men you know can have links again.

    Thanks for the link to the post on polygamy – we were just trying to make up our minds on which way to go.

  • Kim

    Are you trying to be British? practise?

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